Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fresver x Vonne

Recently I dropped by Fresver Beauty at Tiong Bahru Plaza to give my face some pampering. Other than doing lasers to rid my existing acne scarring, it is definitely still important to balance out my current skin condition to prevent further outbreaks! 

First, I went for a skin analysis with the professionals there:

And here is my skin sample:

As you can see, my skin are red and inflamed; being attacked by new pimples. :( So I decided to go for a pampering dual mechanic 10-step facial, this treatment features 2 advanced technologies to effectively treat all skin types – 1) Diamond Peel + 2) Chromotherapy Infusion.

Here's how the treatment's like, first we started off with Aroma Tension Relief, which includes a light head, facial and shoulder massage.

Omg I so so love it, for a moment there it felt like I wasn't an adult trying to be adulting it in life, and just relaaaaaaax, totally putty in their haaaaands.

Next was double cleansing to make sure my face is squeaky clean for all the goodness.

Can you see it went down to even my neck and shoulders too? I was nodding off already, relaxation heaven.I'm craving another session as I type away. :(

Before, here you can see the parts of my inflammation and new acnes:

Then the diamond peel machine - Using genuine micro-diamond crystals coupled with gentle vacuum suction, skin debris is effectively removed and prepared for infusion later. At the same time, the microdiamond crystals brighten the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant!

Anyone else's favorite part of facial is this part now - Extraction? Painful but so satisfying to feel the gunk and built-up dirt removed from your skin! Fresver's professionals are so thorough with this!

Now that my face is feeling 'raw' at the moment, we are halfway through, this is the 5th step, to do anti-bacterial treatment zap to clear up all the dirty bacteria in my skin, otherwise what's the point for me if I'm gonna go get infected again > another massive outbreak!And the 6th - Chromotherapy Infusion.

What is Chromotherapy Infusion?

Chromotherapy is a relaxing skin treat that uses various spectrums of light to target a variety of skin concerns. Coupled with an intensive customized treatment gel, microsonic carrier plates effectively infuse vitamins and hyaluronic acid deep into the dermis layers the skin leaving it ultra hydrated, bouncy and glowy.

. Red Light: Anti aging and lifting
· Blue Light: Soothing, anti inflammation, anti-acne
· Green Light: normalize sebaceous gland and balances oil production
· Duo & triple light functions for a more enhanced treatment

Personally for myself, I used the blue light! Reason evident enough :D

And look at my face of bliss again, another round of bliss - Facial + Shoulder Massage. (7 and 8)

And check out this collagen maskkkkk, the texture is so soothing and cooling to my skin post-extraction!

Here is a clearer before and after, and I must state, I did not edit ANY single photo in any way to look better!

Finished off with a warm compress to rest and I went back out to take a scan of my face again, you can tell that my face is significantly less red and inflamed, and my giant pimple was extracted!

Highly recommended! Fresver Beauty is a established company with over 29 years of history:

· Focused on bringing customers the latest technology and best products sourced from around the word
· They also brought in our own line of skincare products from Spain; and are the exclusive distributor for S+ products in Singapore.
· 4 branches with address/contact as follows:

840 Hougang Central
Singapore 538757
Tel: (65) 6100 1513

5 Tampines Central 6
#01-23 Telepark
Singapore 529482
Tel: (65) 6100 1030

14 Scotts Road
#05-18 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213
Tel: (65) 6100 8108 302

Tiong Bahru Road,
Tiong Bahru Plaza,
Tel: (65) 6100 0126

And here's a good news for all my readers - $29 Nett for Diamond Peel + Chromotherapy Infusion Facial with FOC Travel Kit (Kit worth up to $50+!):

Valid till: 1 month from date of posting

Terms & conditions: Only for first time customers aged 21-65, Singaporeans, PRs, SP/EP/WP/DP

Redemption: To redeem, SMS your name, age and [BG-FAVES] to 9011 1234

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